On découvre aujourd’hui les réponses de la délégation afghane !

1- « When athletes from different countries with different races, religions, languages and even policies come to Olympic games, they forget their bad background policies and instead stay focused on games only. Such frequent events make people think less on differences but on common grounds ».

2-« Consider a football team. It involves more than 15 players. And now imagine a football team from Afghanistan. It involves more than 15 people from different « races » of Afghanistan including Pashtun ethnic group, Tajik ethinc group, Hazara ethnic group and other minorities. When Afghan football team prepares itself for an important event such as Olympics games, each member of the team forgets the differences and instead think on the unity of their team to win a match. Afghan nation also forgets that there are players from different races in the team, and instead become proud of the team as an Afghani team »

(Le dessin en couverture a été réalisé par la petite Zahra Najafi, inspirée des réponses des autres enfants)